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"I told you plentiful times already that I have no idea what you're talking about. You probably had a nightmare and thought it was reality. Why won't you let this project bullshit go already?" Leader Rong's hands shook as his emotions exploded and he shouted at his grandson.


"Hmm?" Ariana let out a bitter smile as she lifted her head to face her. Feeling Susu's comforting pats on her hand, Ariana felt extremely warm beside her. She apologized once again, "I'm very sorry that I can't say anything about it. I-"


"If you hadn't pointed it out, I wouldn't have known that there was a leaf there. But still, what's so special about this corner?" Lily repeated her question as she squinted on the small design.


Ariana and Lily both giggled and answered, "His abs!" Both of them high-fived each other as if they've known each other for many years and had perfect chemistry. Without a word or even a second to think before reacting, they raised their hands and high-fived. Susu looked at them with great interest, so she observed them carefully.


Except, it was much quieter than expected. Chen Mu was the first to uncover his eyes to see what was going on. When he did, he saw his mother staring intently at a Chinese chess board game while his father sipped his tea calmly.


She might even die from bleeding if the rest were extracted. The originally white towel was now red, stinky and mushy with pieces of mouth gum stuck to it. Once that part was completed, Kitty smudged the blood from the claw side onto Karen's clothing.

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Second male guest: "Seriously, if a girl did that for me, then I wouldn't be a single dog right now. If that girl is being rejected by that man who is so blind to realize what a gem he is giving up, then I would definitely swoop in and take her from him. What kind of man would feel nothing from all these actions? I mean, come on! I would at least try it out with the girl, but never reject her without trying things out."


His speed increased and sounds of flesh against flesh filled up the room. The moonlight highlighted the sweat beads on their foreheads as they reached climax. With a few more thrusts, he pumped his swimmers inside of her womb. Her legs tightened its wrap around his waist as she felt his enlarged penis unloading his first group of candidates inside of her.


Inside the room, Lily wasn't sure how she should react after hearing about their identities. She greeted them politely and apologized for what had happened. Zi Yan comforted her as she observed Susu's condition, "we don't blame you. It's the cancer that's killing her."


As for today's design, she decided to create a unicorn pajamas set with exclusive kitten slippers. It was vibrant just like the makeup she put on him earlier. Actually, almost all of the sketches she created on her phone were all skyrocket colors making the clothes look flamboyant and cheerful.


The warmth of his hands wrapping around her small fist reminded her of their mutual vow. "Give me your hand." Her voice was soft and gentle similarly to the day of their wedding.


Professor Luo Xia sighed deeply, "It's a pity that you weren't able to submit your application on time that year. I personally invited you to join our Academy because of how talented you were when it came to designing clothes. The uniqueness and boldness in your designs capture the aspiration of many. At first look, it may seem like any simple piece, but once someone wears it, it brings out their dreams."


"...what? What's wrong? Where are you guys? I'll head there right away. Is Zhi Hei hurt??" Chen Mu quickly grabbed his car keys and informed Lin Que about him leaving.



Professor Luo Xia let out a grunt of displeasure, "Hmph! Over my dead body. If they are after my Susu, then have them ask me first!"



"Or..my laptop was never damaged to the point that my files were unrecoverable. Either way, I think I know who it was who could've done this. Forget this whole design thing for a second, how did Huang Corps get this design? Is it just a coincidence that they used it for my invitation for me to see?" Susu thought of countless possibilities and decided to talk about this with Chen Mu later.


"I'm...planning to tell him when I show him that place. I just never thought that I would bring him there already." Her eyes swelled up slightly as she curved the corner of her lips to a smile.


At first, the petal's shadow was shaped like regular petals, but as the model moved along the areas with the special light, the sizes of the petals changed and wings formed through different angles. The wings grew slowly, spread, and even flapped as she moved.

  • Kitty nodded in response and took a quick glance at Karen before running out of the underground cell. She was blindfolded by the guard from the top of the staircase until they've reached the city center. When she turned around again, the guards were already gone.
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